Strategies that keep you open and adaptable as opportunities arise

By examining your cash flow and borrowing requirements, along with all the other dimensions of your financial life, we will deliver solutions that address your current lifestyle and needs, while working towards achieving your future financial goals.

Your IG Consultant will work with you to implement personalized cash and liquidity management strategies that capitalize on opportunities as they arise while maintaining your long-term financial health and minimizing tax obligations.

Non-traditional cash management strategies for your evolving needs

As your wealth accumulates, your financial needs change and become more complex. Your IG Consultant will integrate sophisticated strategies into your plan that offer financial flexibility today, and well into your retirement years.

Mortgage solutions that get your net worth working for you*

In the same way a diversified investment portfolio helps to build wealth, diversification through real estate may be part of your wealth building strategy.  With our competitive residential mortgage product suite and team of experienced Specialists on hand, we will structure solutions ensuring your wealth is protected and continues to grow.

Flexibility and convenience with the Solutions Banking All-in-one

The Solutions All-in-one integrates the features of a mortgage, a line of credit, a chequing account and a savings account into a complete cash management solution.

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