Your IG Advisor and team of tax and estate planning specialists will help you make the most of your wealth today and for generations to come.

Customized estate planning

Your estate plan should address your family’s unique needs and clearly define your intentions. Whether your situation may be straightforward, or you have more to consider such as a business, multiple properties, or a blended family, we’ll help you build a tax-efficient plan that considers the people and causes you care about.

Transitioning family wealth

Communication and education are vital to successfully transitioning and sustaining family wealth. In addition to developing a plan that considers both giving while living and through your estate, we can facilitate sensitive family discussions, and help prepare your children for their inheritance.

Strategic charitable giving

Incorporating charitable giving into a comprehensive financial plan is a great way to connect family values across generations and plan for tax advantages. Find out how we can help you enhance the impact of your giving, which may include setting up a charitable giving program.