Everyone’s questions are unique. We can help you answer the tough ones.

Inspired by various client situations, these case studies illustrate some of the ways we have helped our clients.

Retiring with multiple properties – should Sara and Marc sell, downsize or keep in the family?

How we can help

  • Planning for tax obligations in different countries
  • Selling at market today vs. the future
  • Passing on property to children

A doctor with a new family – when is the right time for Michael to incorporate his practice?

How we can help

  • Financial implications of incorporating his practice
  • Blended family and common-law considerations
  • Integrating financial planning for a child with disabilities

A successful business owner about to retire, but are they considering the full family picture?

How we can help

  • Business transition options
  • Estate planning for blended families
  • Vacation property succession planning

CFO of a public company – What legacy will they leave behind?

How we can help

  • Clarifying the tax implications of executive compensation
  • Cash flow and tax-efficient planning for the family
  • Strategies to enhance charitable giving

Estate planning when one of your loved ones has a disability – what should Alan and Sue consider?

How we can help

  • Planning for a beneficiary with a disability
  • Planning for a beneficiary who is a spendthrift
  • Guiding on family communication strategies