As a seasoned financial executive, with almost 40 years of wealth management experience in both Canada and abroad, you would be hard-pressed to find a challenge that Tom Van Tighem would shy away from. He has a firm belief that “if you don’t like the direction things are going, you have the power to change your course.”

Often, it’s the tough, pivotal moments in clients’ lives where Tom and his team create the greatest impact. For many of our high-net-worth clients, while wealth brings wonderful opportunities, it can come with complex questions and decisions.

However, Tom strongly believes that with thoughtful planning and trusted advice, in one’s life and career, “there’s a solution to be found for every obstacle, and a positive outcome can always be achieved.”

Embracing challenges, near and far

Tom’s optimistic nature has been a driving force throughout his career. After 15 successful years with IG running an advisory practice, then as a Division and Regional Director, Tom took a leap and moved from Calgary to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2001. He became the Executive Vice President of Consumer Banking at a local SE Asian bank where he introduced a financial advisory offering and contributed to the development of the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia.

While Tom still believes moving to Malaysia was one of the best things he and his family ever did, in 2005, he was ready to return home to Canada. Tom rejoined IG and after a number of years of progressively senior roles, he was asked to launch the Private Wealth Management advisor network in 2014. With Tom’s leadership, IG continues to grow an exceptional team of advisors, as they create a world-class service experience to meet the evolving needs of high-net-worth clients.

It's all about the relationships

For Van Tighem, no two days are alike. He thrives on the diversity of his work and the people. At the end of the day, Tom believes “you get further in life by helping people achieve what they need in their lives.” And for his team and our clients, relationships that develop and strengthen over years is what it’s all about.

“Friends become clients and clients become friends. Once you get into conversations around life, death, estate, and taxes, you really start to understand the dynamics of a family or the dynamics of a business. You start to understand the goals and dreams and ambitions of a family unit, and what’s important to them. When you get to that level of understanding and care, you become a trusted advisor.”