Philip Petursson is IG’s chief spokesperson on market and investment news and trends that impact Canadian investors. A wealth management industry veteran, he has over 25 years of experience in a variety of senior leadership roles specializing in investments, and capital markets research and strategy.

Philip’s natural ability to communicate data with both expertise and simplicity helps IG Advisors and clients confidently navigate changing market conditions and stay focused on their goals.

Cutting through the noise

The markets “are like a jigsaw puzzle,” Philip often explains. “We put together the pieces and use evidence-based decision making to carve away the noise, but it’s always changing. You can wake up the next day and suddenly find five pieces missing. That’s why we constantly re-evaluate our recommendations with the most recent data.”

Philip understands that for economic and market insights to be meaningful for clients, they must be timely, straightforward, and relevant. In that spirit, as an award-winning podcaster, Philip hosts IG’s The Living Market Podcast. For five minutes each week, he explains the news dominating the investment landscape and what these trends mean in people’s lives.

Momentum inspired by a shared purpose

Philip’s commitment to proactive and transparent communication is enhanced by the collaborative culture and focus on clients that is so deeply ingrained at IG.

“At IG, there is a shared dedication to putting our clients in the best, most informed position possible so they can successfully fulfill their goals. We’ve developed a legacy of financial planning excellence that goes back almost 100 years, and we’re continuously evolving to ensure we are always setting the bar higher.”