Before joining IG Wealth Management, Florence had an unusually broad range of experience in financial services. She worked in both asset management and wealth management; investment solutions and institutional sales; and with Canadian and global companies.

This trifecta of experience has shaped how Florence approaches her current role. “Before diving headlong into a new solution, it’s critical to step back and consider the big picture and ask ourselves critical questions,” she says. “Such as, what are we solving for; how does this help the investor; is this something advisors need; and are we best equipped to deliver the solution?”

Florence is responsible for two distinct areas within IG: investment solutions and the national sales team. On the investments side, Florence’s team is tasked with overseeing IG’s investment products and solutions. “We focus on holding our investment partners accountable for delivering quality outcomes,” she says, “and ensuring that we’re innovating, adapting and evolving, to meet the ever-changing market and our clients’ needs.”

On the national sales side, Florence’s extensive sales experience is extremely useful. “Our business is, at the heart of it, founded on trust and built on relationships,” she says, “the relationships our advisors build with our clients and those we forge with our advisors. The national sales team aims to build strong relationships that help ensure advisors have the information they need to put our clients first.”

IG’s approach to wealth planning was one of the key attractions for Florence when joining the company. “IG recognizes that wealth management isn’t solely about investments,” she says. “It’s about the clients’ whole wealth health. And to successfully address a client’s wealth needs, IG continually adapts its suite of services, beyond investments, to deliver a comprehensive offering that includes insurance and tax and estate planning.”

Florence believes that this approach is essential for IG to deliver on its ultimate goal. “We take the worry out of our investment solutions by taking care of the stewardship, oversight and innovation of our products,” she says. “This, combined with our comprehensive wealth planning approach, means that we can help our clients reach their goals and become more financially confident and secure.”

Florence’s parents moved to Canada from South America in their early 20s, so she fully appreciates that a secure financial foundation can change the trajectory of many lives. And in that spirit, Florence believes in the importance of “paying it forward”. “I want people to know that you don’t need to have a specific background or network to achieve great things,” she says. She’s constantly mentoring, is an active volunteer and board member on a number of not-for-profit organizations.