Annamaria Testani is a testament to the power of perpetual motion.  A visionary leader with over 20 years of wealth and asset management experience, she is known as a champion for cultural, digital, and organizational innovation. As Head of Client Experience at IG, Annamaria is continually asking herself and her teams what more can be done to enhance the lives and experiences of clients.

She explains her endless curiosity and momentum this way: “When you stop trying, you have inadvertently succumbed to inertia. People who remain in a perpetual state of motion, and continually try new things, that is the key to success.”

A lifelong learner and teacher

The perspective Annamaria brings to her role as Head of Client Experience is also shaped by her passion for learning. Annamaria teaches an Executive MBA leadership program at Concordia University, runs workshops on active listening and unconscious bias, and studies neuroscience.

The pursuit of powerful moments

Annamaria sees the client experience as an ecosystem made up of many powerful moments. It’s also at these points where she often challenges colleagues to think outside a binary ‘yes or no’ operational framework, continuously asking “How can we see this differently?” By helping people reframe perspectives, Annamaria encourages her team to overcome perceived obstacles and uncover new opportunities across every moment in the client journey.

 “The granularity of our approach is truly remarkable. IG clients receive a level of personalization and customization they wouldn’t experience anywhere else. We're a financial planning firm first. We make sure we're adding value holistically through all your needs, not just your investment portfolio.”