With an extensive career spanning over 25 years in financial services, Alana Riley leads the strategic and product direction of Mortgage, Insurance and Banking at IG Wealth Management. “For the first time, we have brought together these teams into one vertically integrated channel to provide an all-encompassing, end-to-end approach to the client journey.”

This integrated business elevates the client experience through enhanced cash flow planning and risk management strategies. Alana calls it her “plan to help Canadians sleep better at night.” Her vision is to provide clients confidence and peace of mind, through a seamless approach that includes personalization, digitization, and streamlined services.

Meaningful pursuits

Education, community, and mentorship are all vital aspects of Alana’s professional and personal life. In addition to her passion for developing talent at IG, Alana is an active champion of Women in Finance and Capital Markets, Board Director for Gordie Howe Cares and Children First Canada. She serves as an Alumni Ambassador at Dalhousie University and is a mentor with Mount Royal University and the University of Windsor. Alana is also a passionate DE&I advocate at IG. Her heart, she explains, has always been near and dear to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A league of our own

Alana believes that IG’s unique culture sets it apart within the financial services industry, “Fundamentally, we care about our teams, our collective success, and that’s what drives our work with clients.” These principles foster close-knit client relationships, spanning decades and generations of families, which help inspire highly personalized and nuanced financial plans. “Each client’s circumstances and financial well-being are dynamic. So, we need strategies, product solutions, and ways of working that are always evolving to meet these unique and complex planning needs.”