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Investment Solutions

We offer an array of investment solutions - one of the IG Living Plan’s key components. The strength of our global investment philosophy is rooted in active asset management, providing investors with exclusive access to leading edge products and institutional quality investments, many not typically available to the individual investor.

The iProfile Program

The iProfile Program provides investors a sophisticated approach to portfolio construction, as well as diversification of underlying investments, managed by high quality global asset managers.  A range of portfolio options are available that align to your risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and investment goals.

Your IG Wealth Management Consultant will help to determine which investment option is right for you.

IG Climate Action Portfolios

Climate change is having a major impact on the planet. However, it is also presenting a once-in-a-generation investment opportunity as the world begins to transition to a low carbon economy. IG Climate Action Portfolios are designed to have a positive effect on our planet while allowing you to benefit from this economic transformation.  

IG Wealth Portfolios

We offer a complete set of portfolio solutions. IG Wealth Portfolios are designed and managed to meet our clients’ individual objectives, time horizon and tolerance for market variability. These portfolios were created to allow investors to accomplish a variety of investment outcomes, from income to growth or a mix of both.    

IG Mackenzie U.S. Dollar Funds

Given how often many Canadians and Canadian companies visit and do business with the U.S., having investments in U.S. dollars can make good sense.

IG Mackenzie U.S. Dollar Funds allow our clients to build more comprehensive, well-diversified portfolios for their U.S. currency.

IG U.S. Taxpayer Portfolios

U.S. taxpayers living and investing in Canada are likely familiar with the headaches associated with reporting income from a passive foreign investment company (PFIC) to the IRS.

IG U.S. Taxpayer Portfolios are an exclusive and sophisticated portfolio solution that can help simplify U.S. tax reporting.

Mutual Funds

IG Wealth Management offers a diverse group of mutual funds covering different industry sectors. Our breadth and depth ensure our clients have access to the right mix of fixed income, balanced, and Canadian, U.S. and international equity mutual funds.

IG PanAgora Risk Parity Private Pool

Risk parity is an approach to investment portfolio management which focuses on allocation of risk, usually defined as volatility, rather than allocation of capital. Different from a conventional 60/40% stocks and bonds portfolio mix, risk allocation is spread equally across asset classes like stocks, bonds and commodities.

Other Products & Services

Guaranteed Investment Solutions

Guaranteed Investment products can help compliment an investor portfolio, whether you are looking for short-term solutions, a safe haven in times of market volatility or saving for a specific goal. We have the products to meet these specific needs.

Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIF) and Segregated Funds

Protect your financial future. If you’re looking for a measure of security in your investment portfolio, IG Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) combine the features of an insurance policy, with the diversification and growth benefits of an investment fund.

High-Interest Savings Account

Whether you’re saving for the unexpected, a big purchase or just looking for a safe place to put your money while you decide where to invest it for the longer term, talk to us to find out if the IG EQB High Interest Savings Account is right for you.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

GICs offer a secure option for those looking for a fixed rate of interest for a specific term. Both principal and interest payments are guaranteed for the full term of the investment ranging from 1 to 5 years. 

Please contact your IG Consultant for details on current rates

Other Products & Services

Brokerage Services

We offer a range of brokerage investment solutions in both Canadian and U.S. currencies, allowing maximum flexibility in your financial plan.

Brokerage Services

Investors Group Securities Inc. offers personalized brokerage services and products ranging from common and preferred stocks listed on major North American stock exchanges, GICs, strip bonds, bankers’ acceptance and commercial paper, bonds and debentures (federal, provincial and corporate), Government of Canada treasury bills and U.S. denominated bonds and treasury bills.

Azure Managed Investments

Azure Managed Investments offer discretionary portfolio management through a portfolio of actively managed individual securities. IG Wealth Management offers a variety of investment options to provide equity exposure within Canadian, U.S. and International markets.

Brokerage offered through Investors Group Securities Inc. 

(In Quebec, a firm in financial planning)

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Other Products & Services