Todd leads a diverse team that develops and manages exclusive investment solutions designed to deliver on a wide range of needs for IG’s high-net-worth clients. Also on Todd’s team is a nationwide network of wealth specialists and portfolio strategists who work directly with clients to provide capital growth, tax-efficiency, principal protection, retirement income, and the right investment opportunities through in-depth portfolio analysis. In addition, a wholesaling team helps support IG Advisors with  knowledge of our professionally managed solutions, ensuring our clients receive a superior wealth management experience.

Prior to joining IG Wealth Management in 2004, Todd spent 10 years with the Great-West Life Assurance Company in a variety of roles, including five years in the investment division. He also spent three years in independent actuarial consulting. Since joining IG, Todd has headed up insurance, banking and mortgages, and the advanced financial planning group. This broad range of experience has provided him with expertise that encompasses every aspect of the financial plan. 

Todd says, “IG has been providing comprehensive advice and building real financial plans for decades, and we’ve seamlessly integrated a dynamic, world-class investment management platform into IG’s already disciplined planning approach.”

Vision, strategy and communication

Todd firmly believes in the value of collaboration: “We don’t operate in a vacuum: we work with a multi-disciplinary team to collectively develop the range of products required to meet our clients’ varying needs.”

Todd also believes leading a successful team and building relationships requires vision, strategy and communication. This is also relevant to the extended teams Todd works with, which include top asset managers from around the world and IG Advisors who guide clients through critical life stages and financial decisions. Success as a leader and trusted guide often comes down to giving people a clear vision on where they’re going, then being there when needed as they navigate their own path.

Advice and planning that builds confidence

Ultimately, Todd believes having a trusted advisor and a real plan builds financial confidence. It’s when his team delivers innovative and sustainable investment solutions that are designed to meet clients’ ever-evolving needs, that the relationship between clients and their IG Advisor goes deep into financial advice.

“At IG, we’re here to inspire confidence in your financial future and that’s why we thoughtfully design and closely monitor the world-class investment solutions that support your IG Living Plan.”