Nathalie works with Consultants on high net worth client files and provides support & training on investment products. Her interpersonal and project management skills, along with her attention to details, have allowed Nathalie to develop an unparalleled reputation.

After working in a Montreal Brokerage and an Investment Advisor, Nathalie joined IG Wealth Management in 1999 as a Securities Specialist for the Securities division. She has successively held the positions of Director and Senior Director and Assistant Vice-President, Product Utilization and Planning.

In 2003, she obtained the titles of Investment Manager and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. In 2008, she obtained the designation of Chartered Professional Strategic Wealth (Ch. P. Strategic Wealth) of the CSI. The title of Certified International Wealth Manager of the AIWM was conferred to her in 2014.

Since 2010 Nathalie has been involved with the United Way committee of the QGO (Quebec General Office). This committee redesigned its annual campaign to give it greater scope. This strategy resulted in doubling the number of donors in just one year and increased the value of donations by 80%. This initiative enabled the IG Wealth Management QGO to receive, in 2012, the Coup de cœur award from United Way.

Long-Term Investing Wins

Time in the market, not timing the market, is what builds wealth

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Pumped up GICS®

Upcoming changes to the GICS system promise to shake up strategies and methodologies of investors large and small. Some of the changes could make mutual funds and ETFs that have been market darlings significantly less attractive to investors. 

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Feverish Investing

Whatever your motives, it almost never pays to look for quick investment returns when a pandemic breaks out.

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